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Our Technical Department is professionally trained to Service and Repair your Pool or Hot Tub.

Let us do the heavy lifting, while you relax!   781 585 7665 X 103


     Removal, cleaning and folding of winter cover
     Open and Empty all water bags
     Remove winter plugs and store
     Clean Skimmers
     Assembly of all equipment and startup if water level is up to skimmer
     Ensure proper operation of all pool equipment
     Snap liner into track if necessary
     Installation of all accessories


     Installation of winter covers
     Disassembly of equipment
     Removal of accessories
     Blow out lines

   Weekly Pool Maintenance Plans

                                     One visit per week
                                     Clean and backwash filter if needed
                                     Vacuum Pool
                                     Empty all skimmer baskets
                                     Test pool water
                                     Add chemicals to balance water if available
                                     Empty Skimmer and Pump baskets

     Additional Services

     Alternative sanitation systems (salt, uv or ozone)
     Pool Restoration
     Eco Friendly Resurface
     Liner Replacement
     Deck Repair
All Chemicals, parts and supplies  will be supplied as needed at additional charge.

Please contact our Service Department for any questions, we'll be happy to help you!

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